Program Elements

The Augusta Boxing Club goes beyond the athletic aspects of the program and provides tutoring, drug counseling, a computer lab/study room, etc. In addition, we take the athletes on field trips and require attendance at a variety of educational programs. Through the boxing tournaments, many of our participants have had the opportunity to travel extensively in the United States and abroad. Several members of our team have qualified to represent the United States Olympic Boxing Association and have competed in locations such as Russia, Germany, Sweden, Poland and England (opportunities rarely afforded to disadvantaged kids in economically depressed areas of our community).


Star Boxer of the Month

The Augusta Boxing Club is not about winning and losing, it’s about how much effort one puts forth to be the best they can be. One boxer from the Augusta Boxing Club is acknowledged each month for his/her participation and performance as an athlete in the boxing club.


Students of the Year

The Augusta Boxing Club would like to motivate kids to correlate what they learn in boxing and apply it to their education.  At the end of each school year, many of our boxers are recognized for their performance in school.


Scholarship Program

The Augusta Boxing Club believes that every kid should be rewarded for their excellence, hard work and determination to achieve an advanced education. Therefore, whenever the Augusta Boxing Club can assist in their education, we provide scholarships and assist in applying for and obtaining scholarships, grants and/or loans.


Clinics and Seminars

Clinics and Seminars are periodically provided to the kids to educate them on a variety of issues ranging from health professionals to motivational speakers. The following are a few examples:

·         Sports Hygiene (for example: a class was provided in the prevention of staph infections).

·         Law Enforcement (classes on Drugs, Bullying, etc).

·         Education (tutoring guidance, advanced schooling financing, etc.).

·         Motivational (speeches by former professional athletes, business professionals, law enforcement, etc.).


Thanksgiving Meal

The Augusta Boxing Club is a family away from home.  Therefore, we come together for a Thanksgiving feast each year to remember what we are most thankful for and to establish a bond between the staff, the boxers and their families.

Santa Clause Christmas Gift

The Augusta Boxing Club wants to give every kid the same opportunity as the next and thus arranges a gift giving event that provides for the less fortunate.  This also teaches our kids the value and importance of giving.